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Written by Dave Roberson on June 4, 2015. Posted in Landlords, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Property Management, Silicon Valley Real Estate Investing

By Eric Holder – President/CEO Able Glass, Window & DoorAA Windows Back Yard

Able Glass, Window & Door has been installing windows and doors in all types of residential and commercial (apartment) buildings since 1969. Over the years we have seen many different types of windows, window systems, and installation methods come and go. Window trends appear with the different types of construction, architecture, and consumer tastes as well as the ever changing rules of the industry standards to ensure that a building is energy efficient. Window design and construction has gradually improved with technological advances in making a building use less energy, which helps reduce energy costs. Today, in the San Francisco Bay Area housing market, we are experiencing some new trends in the types of windows being constructed and installed primarily for residential rental and investment properties by professional property management companies. These trends continue to develop and evolve but here is an outline of what we are seeing in today’s environment.

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One-Day Makeover:

This stucco home was challenged by old, corroded, bronze-anodized aluminum windows. Their unattractive, single-pane construction did nothing for the home’s curb appeal and was minimally effective in controlling heat gain and loss. Witness the transformation. Milgard single-hung and horizontal-sliding white Tuscany™ Series Vinyl Windows with sculptured grids turn the windows from dull and drab into prominent architectural features. They give the home much needed character. More than just character though, the windows provide dramatically reduced heat gain and loss. How long did this transformation take? A single day!

milgard after


As the days get shorter (November through March) we start to see an increase in calls about condensation on windows & patio doors. See the link below to learn more about condensation.

The Truth About Condensation

Understanding Condensation in your Home

External condensation on vinyl windows

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