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The Fullview: Model A280

The Aspen

Quality Features

  • Contemporary inside and outside door latches
  • Inside lock, fail safe . . . can't accidentally lock owner out
  • Quiet air coor closer, guaranteed for ten years
  • Adjustable side and bottom channels for proper fit
  • Three oilite bering hinges riveted to frame

The Full View offers high visibility and maximum ventilation. With rugged construction and the same high quality extruded aluminum components as the rest of our extruded doors, the Full View is a long-standing favorite.

Finish Options:

Mill Finish, Bronze Anodized, White Enamel, Desert Sand Enamel

Built to Last

  • Extra-heavy-duty 21/8" x 3/4" extruded aluminum frame with rigid LOK-tite™ corners
  • Three 11/4" extruded aluminum pushbars
  • Heavy patterned kickplate integral with main frame and extruded aluminum meeting rail
  • Heavy-duty expanded aluminum ribbon grill locked directly to main frame
  • Highest quality pushbutton lock, pneumatic closer, oilite bearing hinges
  • Installation instructions included
  • Charcoal 18" x 16" x 0.011 mesh fiberglass screening


3-0x6-8, 2-8x6-8, 2-6x6-8, Special Sizes

Special Doors


Adjustable Sizes:

Size Width
3-0 x 6-8 355/8" to 365/8" 793/4" to 811/2"
2-8 x 6-8 315/8" to 325/8" 793/4" to 811/2"
2-6 x 6-8 295/8" to 305/8" 793/4" to 811/2"

French Doors

Available in Aspen, Colonial, Full View, Marina, Monterey, and Riviera models only.