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The Aspen: A214

The Aspen

Quality Features

  • Contemporary inside and outside door latches
  • Inside lock, fail safe . . . can't accidentally lock owner out
  • Quiet air coor closer, guaranteed for ten years
  • Adjustable side and bottom channels for proper fit
  • Three oilite bering hinges riveted to frame
Elegant design, engineered to last. A ribbon designed close pattern grill sets this door apart. An extra-heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame and all-aluminum construction make the Aspen a door that withstands years of use.

Finish Options:

Bronze Enamel, White Enamel

Built to Last

  • Extra-heavy-duty 2 1/8" x 3/4" extruded aluminum frame with rigid LOK-tite™ corners
  • Three 1 1/4" extruded aluminum pushbars
  • Heavy patterned kickplate integral with main frame and extruded aluminum meeting rail
  • Heavy-duty expanded aluminum ribbon grill locked directly to main frame
  • Highest quality pushbutton lock, pneumatic closer, oilite bearing hinges
  • Installation instructions included
  • Charcoal 18" x 16" x 0.011 mesh fiberglass screening


3-0x6-8, 2-8x6-8, 2-6x6-8

Special Doors


Adjustable Sizes:

Size Width
3-0 x 6-8 355/8" to 365/8" 793/4" to 811/2"
2-8 x 6-8 315/8" to 325/8" 793/4" to 811/2"
2-6 x 6-8 295/8" to 305/8" 793/4" to 811/2"

French Doors

Available in Aspen, Colonial, Full View, Marina, Monterey, and Riviera models only.