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The Security Screen:


The Tru-Frame® Security Door can be locked securely, allowing you to safely and confidently leave your prime door open day or night for cooling ventilation.


The Tru-Frame® Security Door allows for clear viewing of the outdoors and visitors with its open structured, sculpted grille.

Deadblolt Security

Combined with the high tensile strength aluminum construction, the deadbolt lock affords the best protection available. The deadbolt lock cannot be pried open by a metal or plastic insert, and even if the face plate and handle are jimmied, the concealed mechanism and main bolt remain in the locked position.

Rust Free

With extruded aluminum construction, the Tru-Frame® Security Door won't rust and is ideal for marine environments.

Easy Operating

With concealed Oilite hinges and extruded aluminum construction, the Tru-Frame® Security Door swings freely and easier than heavy teel security doors.

French Door Option

Tru-Frame® Security Screen Doors are also available with a French Door kit for double doors, and include all hardware.

Special Sizes

Available by special order.
Pre-Hung Style
Size (in.) Fits Width Fits Height
30x80 297/8 to
793/4 to
32x80 317/8 to
793/4 to
36x80 357/8 to
793/4 to
Hinge Expander Style
Size (in.) Fits Width Fits Height
30x80 293/4 to
793/4 to
32x80 313/4 to
793/4 to
36x80 355/8 to
793/4 to
Security Door


High tensile strength extruded aluminum construction with fourt (4) screws at each courner for extra durability.

Screens with durable, corrosion resistant charcoal aluminum insect screen.


Virtually pick proof. Keyed lock with inside thumb latch, steel strike plate and deep ectending dead bolt lock with tumbler cylinder.

No need to purchase additional expensive lock sets.


Three heavy duty tamper resistant hinges.

Pre-hung weather stripped sub frame for easy installation.

Bottom expander includes finyl sweep to keep bugs out.

Pneumatic Closer

Heavy duty pneumatic door closer, with adjustable closing speed, all hardware and instructions.

Safety spring and chain retainer for additional door protection.


Heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame is a full 3" x 1" x 0.62" for lasting durability.

Available in bronze anodized or white paint finishes.

Storm Door

Optional tempered safety glass panels conserve energy as a storm door in the winter, and easily remove for warm summer weather.